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Atelier Summer 2019 is a collection I loved making. While we were creating it, there was an ecological incident with oil spills in the sea. At the same time, I was also regularly going to the sea and I was inspired by photos I took of debris from the scum arriving on the beach in the early morning. For this collection, I really hybridized noble materials such as taffeta, which have volumes and are rich, with recycled materials. Like for example threads, bird feathers, moss (which represented lichen), and everything that came to hand and that was the image of what I saw on the beach. So we started knitting chains and pieces of fabric! I wanted to embellish the remaining materials and what was left on the tables. I went into several codes of the House in terms of volumes and materials. This is an inspired collection, not a collection that inspired others. The images of this collection were entrusted to photographer Martin Laporte, who immortalized it brilliantly. We took the concept to the next level and used scraps of leftover plastic packaging to enhance the imagery. This photoshoot is extraordinary and beautiful; very strong, very powerful, very timeless. We were able to recreate a very artistic atmosphere in an architectural location. All of the layers that were used to create this setting, the props, the clothes, the model, made this one of the strongest collections. When you work with your heart, your soul, your passion and your values, you manage to make things that stand the test of time.