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The beauty of our archives is that just about every piece in them still makes sense when
worn today. That's why our archival sales and exceptional loans of clothing from
previous collections remain very popular. In addition, our focus on impeccable tailoring
and selection of high quality, sustainable materials allows us to maintain a high level of

The Atelier Winter 2017 collection has undoubtedly left its mark. Like a dream at the end
of the night that we take control of while enjoying the magical part, it reflects the moment
we try to prolong before waking up, the balance on this elusive border between dream
state and reality.

Clear colors. Oversized volumes, but also feminized silhouettes. Gathers that form
imposing ridges on the surface of minimalist pieces. Their statuesque undulation gives
the impression that they are dancing, even when standing still. Jewelry, such as coats of
arms or talismans, have been integrated into the clothes. They are made of stones with
a raw lustre and an authentic shine. With a muted brilliance, these ornaments create a
tension between the precious and the organic. At times, they are surrounded by a halo
of fur that reinforces the collection's nostalgia-free heritage.