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They talk to us / Dear mother

[Marie] Hello and Welcome to They talk to us, Edition Dear Mother.
Over the years, time slips away, and our children suddenly grow older. Why not
rediscover them and open by sharing our accomplishments and memories as mothers.

[Etienne] Say mom, what did you want to do for a living as a child?
[Marie] I always knew that I would be someone who was in design, in the Arts. I also knew I was
going to work for myself, so I was an entrepreneur from a very young age.

[Etienne] Who did you admire when you were younger? Who do you admire now?
[Marie] Today, of course, I admire my children. In fact, I admire all the people who manage to
make a living from their passion. When I was young, I admired the artists around me at
home, I admired my mum who had exquisite taste and who did a lot with little, and I
also admired my dad who worked hard being an accomplished doctor. Then, of course,
near us there was Riopelle, who is really an inspiration to me, a free thinker, someone
who has managed to make a living from his Art.

[Etienne] What is one of your earliest memories related to fashion?
[Marie] My mother arriving from Paris with suitcases full of clothes. At the time she dressed in
Courrèges, then she chose the Japanese, such as Yohji Yamamoto. So, it was really my
mother who showed me the technical materials, since Courrèges was someone who
used extremely innovative materials. Looking at the seams and how the garment was
made, exploring the materials and their weight, these are really my earliest memories.
My mother unpacked her bags when she arrived from Europe, and it was always a real
joy to me.

[Etienne] What challenge have marked you deeply during your career? How did you overcome

[Marie] I think the biggest challenge for someone is firstly to make a living off their passion and
sticking to their style. But I would also say that for women, the idea of ​​having children
and a successful career is a challenge in itself. It is definitely being done, but there is
some tension. Hope I succeeded. I have 2 beautiful children, so I hope they found that I
was there enough, although not necessarily in quantity but in quality. The challenge is
really to juggle the 2 dominant roles in my life, that of mom and that of businesswoman.

[Etienne] Maternity, what does this mean to you?
[Marie] I loved that time of my life so much. I felt like I was extremely nourished from the inside
since I was very creative when I was pregnant. It was a great time, and I really enjoyed
all the stages of motherhood. The one that I found the most difficult was adolescence,
obviously, especially with you (laughs shared between Marie and Etienne), but I really
loved all the stages of motherhood and gestation. Well, the birth is not easy either, but
these are milestones and incredible accomplishments.

[Etienne] Has the mother role influenced your creative process / professional career?
[Marie] It's certain! My husband was traveling a lot, you know your daddy was often on business
trips, so I had to juggle those 2 parameters there. My children also inspired me a lot
through play, through good humor. They were two children who were always in a good
mood and above all very creative. We drew a lot together, and we created a lot. Etienne
designed dresses for Bratz when she was younger, and later we got a contract with
Bratz to design collections, so we had a lot of fun doing all kinds of artistic things
together. We took a lot of time to play together, and I found it extremely stimulating.

[Etienne] What is your definition of femininity? Has this meaning changed over the course of
your life?

[Marie] Not really. For me, femininity is really the balance you want in your life. In fact, it's
about finding the balance between masculinity and femininity, since I think we all have
these two poles deep inside us. We're not just feminine, we're also masculine.
Personally, I have always been an ambassador for women. I love women, I love fulfilling
women, and I feel close to women. Even if relationships are sometimes difficult, I
believe that women have a lot of things to move forward, a lot of things to change, a lot
to develop around us and in our personal and professional journeys, as well as in our
role as mothers. It's a challenge ... but I love a good challenge!

[Etienne] What advice would you give the 20-year-old Marie?
[Marie] To follow her intuition, even more than I did. Not to be afraid, because when you are 20
years old, even if you are not afraid, you still have restrictions. You don't always have
confidence in yourself too, so maybe you dwell on things, but you must keep moving
forward. Move forward, move forward, move forward ...

[Etienne] I find it really inspiring as advice mom. You know, I also had the pleasure of watching
you grow as a designer. You taught me that embracing change is important, and not
only to get through it, but to seek it out and own it, and get the most out of it. For me,
this is something that I use every day. Being able to adapt to change is extremely
difficult, especially nowadays. We have our daily routines and actions, but I appreciated
that growing up we always tried to find new ways to practice these. I remember, for
example, the route we took to get to work, even though it was a 5-minute walk, we
always took a different route to get there. I think these experiences have played an
important role in my personality today and in my ability to adjust to the stages of my

[Marie] I am thrilled because sometimes change can be disruptive for children. With us it was
constant, but I find it important to offer different views and to take the time to look at
things with different glasses. My work is exactly that, it is micro / macro, we take
another path, try something else. I believe that one should not be satisfied with the
comfort, the pre-established and the routine. I'm glad it developed your sense of
adventure today. You are someone who loves adventure, who takes risks. In these
multiple changes, we've moved more than fifteen times since you were born, changing
friends, changing schools, changing neighborhoods, changing homes, changing rooms
(Laughs) ... But I think that 'we did it precisely to make sure that we are not in too cozy
and that we still have this desire for adventure.

Thank you for being a model of motivation and perseverance.
Thank you for your inclusive vision of femininity today.
Thank you, mom, quite simply.