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With a creative approach that combines principles of environmental design along with clients’ living spaces and goals: this is the philosophy of LAMPI LAMPA. Emmanuel re-purposes and re-angles objects to make elegant indoor lights that are personalized and utilitarian.  The Montreal workshop, founded by Emmanuel himself, has been making a variety of lighting units for over 15 years for an individual as well as a corporate and institutional clientele.


“New York is a city that has fascinated me since childhood. Its magnificent skyscrapers that make our necks come loose are inspiring, especially those of the Art Deco period. The Chrysler Building stands out particularly among these giants of the skyline. I realize that when I design my lamps, unconsciously or not, I attempt to reproduce the verticality of those skyscrapers. I love to play with the colors of metal, with geometry, with symmetry, and with the legacy of 1920’s and 1930’s architecture. 

I met and began to get to know Marie Saint Pierre during a few artistic events. Our creative worlds mesh in interesting ways. She, too, has a particular affection for the harmony of lines and for the marriage of colors and textures. In short, I love her work and she also appreciates mine, and our collaboration for New York happened quite naturally.” 






Fran Lamothe is a multi-disciplinary contemporary artist. She first received her BFA from Concordia University and The School of Visual Art in New York City. After further studies in Marketing at McGill University and at UCLA, she completed her academic achievements at The American Film Institute in Los Angeles.


“New York City was my home in the 80’s, while at The School of Visual Arts. I used to see artists walking down the streets in SoHo with large canvases and paint cans. I have so many memories from Central Park to the East Village that inspire my work today.

“I know Marie’s story and she knows mine. We met at L’Express, a restaurant in Montreal. She was starting her fashion brand and we connected through our love of art and fashion. I’m grateful Marie invited me to join her for the pop-up in SoHo - a reunion in New York after all these years!”









Founded by Elle AyoubZadeh in June 2015, our collections are unique, fearless and chic. They are not released for a specific season; they transcend seasons and go beyond borders. Elle is a citizen of the world, much like the Zvelle woman. Her passion for culture, travel and craftsmanship lays the foundation for the heart and soul of Zvelle. Elle’s international background continues to inspire Zvelle’s designs, silhouettes and exquisite craftsmanship.



“I am delighted that our first ever brand collaboration is with Maison Marie Saint Pierre. I have the utmost respect for Marie Saint Pierre as a designer, entrepreneur and a woman who has lived her life and made her mark on the world on her own terms. We share the same maniacal passion for craftsmanship and quality and creating works of art for a woman of substance who wants to invest in things she can continue to treasure for years to come. Marie and I are both fearless in our pursuits just like the women wearing our brands.

Zvelle is a future modern luxury heritage brand like Maison Marie Saint Pierre is today and will always be. I can’t imagine doing our first ever Soho pop-up with anyone but Marie!”







Collectible, designed for professionals and avid devotees of beauty trends, printed only in 5000 copies per issue, the treasury of 400 exquisite-quality pages of pure French-Touch art & beauty. Distributed through   professionals   around   the   world,   libraries,   luxury   hotels, museums and anywhere with appreciation of professionalism, art, beauty and luxury.

" We encourage our teams to interpret, reinterpret, inventand discover."




Marie Saint Pierre's SoHo POPUP is now open until October 30th. The Fall and Atelier Collections will be available on site.

70 Wooster Street, SoHo, New York

For any inquiries contact popup@mariesaintpierre.com