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Leading Women

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To yesterday’s women, the ones who paved the way for our rights and dreams. With bold strokes, step by step. Trailblazers, they reached unattainable spheres, whether for a family or a nation, under the spotlight or behind the scenes. Their accomplishments have become our reality.
To today’s women, the ones who demand new heights. The ones who prove that there is nothing too great, that everything is possible. They have ambition and wings. A listening ear and a message. With strength and sensibility, they forge ahead, take stands, and denounce. Their journey already inspires the next generation.
To tomorrow’s women. Continue to enable change. Challenge what we consider to be the norm. You will take off on paths laid by others to land further than ever before. Your successes are not yet in our realm of imagination.
To all women, thank you. You are the spirit of Maison Marie Saint Pierre.
Happy International Women’s Day!