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Ethics of Trajectory


Posted in : News on by : Philippe Benoit Comments:

“Maison Marie Saint Pierre is blowing the candles on 30 years in the business, and if I could make a wish, it would be for the environment.

My green side is really nothing new. Just the other day, I came across a newspaper article, published at the beginning of my career, in which I was strongly advocating for responsible fashion. This was in the ’80s, long before organic cotton and recycled materials were ever in vogue!

I’m for ethics that have nothing to do with marketing. I simply believe that a garment meant to last, both in terms of style and quality, is an enlightened stand. The timelessness of my creations thumbs its nose at the reign of quantity and fast fashion. I make garments to own, not consume.

Many of my company’s practices support conscious behaviours, whether it’s the purchase of high-quality raw materials from eco-responsible manufacturers, a creative process planned around the use of materials to reduce waste or even choosing to produce in Montreal to limit transportation.

Values are passed down to contributors by offering them spaces built and equipped with that mindset. In order to incite them to reduce their consumption of processed and packaged food products, fruits, organic vegetables, and coffee are provided free of charge.

Respecting nature should not be a passing trend. Some describe it as taking a green turn, but on my end, it has always been a part of my trajectory.”

- Marie