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Tracing the history of Maison Marie Saint Pierre, our archives have been meticulously preserved at the Studio. While I’m not one for nostalgia, I consult them carefully.

I’m always struck by how current some older styles remain; they share an aesthetic unburdened by passing trends. As a matter of fact, many of you have told me you still wear dresses you’ve purchased years ago and that, to this day, they continue to garner praise.

As Maison Marie Saint Pierre reaches the thirty-year landmark, I’ve decided to revisit its history to create a capsule collection. This is an ode to timelessnessreferences to the past are found in silhouettes, textures, and themes. You’ll see essential pieces and showstoppers which draw inspiration from yesterday, but could have just as well been imagined tomorrow. I quite like the idea that my signature transcends different eras.

Certain creations will no doubt have old memories flooding back; we’d love for you to share them with us!