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30 Years Already!

Maison Marie Saint Pierre 30 ans

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A few months ago, my team asked me how I was intending to mark the 30th anniversary of Maison Marie Saint Pierre. I was a bit caught off guard. “The 30th anniversary? When is it?” The time has really flown by.

In 1987, I founded the brand that carries my name in Montreal. The infamous October stock market crash occurred only a month later. What great timing for taking my first steps as a young entrepreneur! I went for it anyway, out of boldness, character, and, when I think back on it, a bit of naivety too.

Risk-taking has been a common theme of my career. I have always enjoyed discovering uncharted territory. I have always enjoyed a challenge. My mother, who has been a source of quiet strength in my business ever since it started, saw my nonconformity as a thirst for freedom and independence. The locations where I chose to open up my flagship boutiques, the iconic styles that I launched, the technological shifts that I instituted… they all put me at the forefront of change and that’s where the sparks fly.

Being a free-thinker allowed me to get through many upheavals that shook the luxury clothing industry: the arrival of the Internet and online commerce, faster collection cycles, and the relocating of factories. Maison Marie Saint Pierre always found a way to reinvent itself while staying true to its DNA. I am extremely proud to be able to say that everything I make, from clothing to accessories to furniture, is still designed in my studios and produced locally today.

This vision, both authentic and innovative, rallied people to take an inspiring journey with me. First, my sister Danielle who became an associate fifteen years ago, my employees and contributors. The story of Maison Marie Saint Pierre is inextricably linked to their talent and expertise. Then there are the women I dress. For 30 years, these leaders, artists, mothers, and daughters have brought my collections to life. And for a little while now, so have men!

So, how will I celebrate? In style! 2017 is going to be full of special events. The Royal Canadian Academy of Arts will be among those marking the occasion. Plus, Éditions Québec Amérique is publishing a book on Maison Marie Saint Pierre that will be full of memorable events, discoveries, and experiences.

We are excitedly putting the finishing touches on the schedule. Stay tuned!

We look forward to celebrating with you!