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Msp x Curio
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Designing a micro couture workshop in a boutique has been a desire of mine for quite a long time. For the clients, having the chance to experience the custom confection of a tailored piece - from the first thoughts to the experience of a live fitting - will give them insights about how a fashion house works behind the scenes. This is how we create our collections at Maison Marie Saint Pierre. We are always working on a live model.

The first edition of this event will be presented at Curio, in the prestigious Bazaar of the Faena hotel during Art Basel. I hope to have the chance to transpose this project to other boutiques so that more clients can experience the incredible process of creating your own piece of clothing.


Join us!
from November 28 to December 5, 2021
@Curio, at the Bazaar of the Faena hotel in Miami
during Art Basel 2021