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Memorable collections: Atelier Summer 2015

When we asked Marie about collections that have made an impact on her over the past 35 years, and that would make good candidates for the subject of this series, Atelier Summer 2015 came up without hesitation. This collection, still very modern to this day, marked the beginnings of Atelier collections as we know them today. Playing on the notion of contradiction and blurring between genders, just about every piece in this collection could still be worn today. Immortalized by a team from New York (Air Paris) and worn by a great model of the time, here is more specifically how Atelier Summer 2015 has marked Marie Saint Pierre.

We have chosen to present to you the Atelier Summer 2015 collection.
This collection is a precise moment in the history of Maison Marie Saint Pierre, a time we realized that our collections are more than garments, more than a clothing experience, it is an armor that allows our clients to conquer the world.
One of the reasons why this collection is important in our journey is that it was a collection that revisited the notion of gender. There was a very personal balance of masculinity versus femininity, as well as couture versus comfort.
We put everything in place so that this collection would meet many of the Maison Marie Saint Pierre standards. Foam jersey, scubas, bonding on lace, we experimented a lot with layers and the fabric bonding of multiple layers to give each piece a unique structure and reach the classic craftsmanship we aim for continuously.
We worked in New York with a very large team at the time, and it was the first time Maison Marie Saint Pierre had such a professional team. With large studios and the right technological equipment, we put a lot of efforts on making sure this collection was immortalized as it should be. Positioning this collection as a key moment in the history of the brand was crucial to develop our codes of process going forward.