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The Atelier Winter 2019 collection of Maison Marie Saint Pierre suspends fashions chain to instore a new rhythm inspired by the pulsations of its environment. Convinced that the preciousness of things is in their durability, it escaped the cycles predetermined by others to take its time. Without seasonal markers, it is emotions that influence the creations. A desire for freedom, independence, audacity that could not be exhausted, which results in creations outside of the realm of time.

Evening Wear Reinvented

The collection proposes a succinct selection that essentially consists of evening wear. Questioning the standards to formulate new proposals. The dresses deceive the eye with their colorblocks and oblique tangents. The tuxedo jacket competes with them in terms of elegance. Deserted by its sleeves, it breaks off at a stroke or extends to the ground to graze the red carpet.

Signature Silhouettes

The exercise starts with introspection. The Maison’s signature silhouettes, those that define the DNA, serve as a starting point for the imagination. We recognize the movement of the drapes, the lightness of a volume, the architectural character of the lines. Innovation is propelled by heritage. The process continues in an effort for brevity.

Feminity, both sensitive and strong

Oversized drapes with a deconstructed outline are affixed to the neckline, the shoulder, and the waistband in unusual ways. Tied with a thread of nonchalance, they give a touch that is both ludic and graphic in its entirety. To this is added a range of supple and diaphanous bustiers designed for layering. They interlace the waist of jackets to better define it, all while bringing relief to the monochrome.

A play on fabric

The materials also draw from the Maison’s staples. Chosen for their look just as much as their functionality, the fabrics intertwine and coexist on a same garment to ensure both structure and fluidity. An extra thin tulle retains attention. It can be worn alone, in its transparence, or added to other fabrics that give it a unique body. Further, a bronze lamé captures light just like a jewel. Deployed in space or cascading along a sleeve are perfectly folded pleats. Is it a plastron, a scarf, a train?