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Because we believe that our clients deserve to have clothes that suits their active lifestyle, fabric development is at the core of all new collection. The textile department is dedicated to purchase fabrics that embrace the notions of sustainability, quality and comfort. For over 30 years we have develop in partnership with the best mills of Europe, fabrics that can bring feel, structure and longevity. But what makes us unique is our ability to transform these fabrics once they land in our studios.

“Textile transformation is a huge part of my design process, therefor I have created a department dedicated to it. Some steps are purely aesthetics, others more technical. Every meter of fabric that comes in our studio will end up going through multiple treatments. Some are dedicated to control reasonable shrinkage and stability, others like bonding two materials together may play both a visual and technical role. The customization of fabric, its transformations and treatments will add up to 50 operations into the design and production process.

The textile team’s main mandate is to verify the correlation between creative vision and feasibility through the testing of multiple combinations of colors and textures, incorporating many diverse bonding technics, always keeping in mind that we use raw-edged finishing in order to provide better comfort and movement.

“It’s one thing to apply traditional volumes in diverse fabrics, it’s something completely different to create sculptural works in fabrics developed and tailored to a specific artistic vision.”

In order to understand the limitations and possibilities of what can be designed, the textile team must put in place a series of documented steps that each textile must undergo in order for them to fulfill both their visual and experiential roles in our products and collections.

Again, as we share with you details of our business, this series’ sole purpose is to shine light on the methods and teams that are active on the many steps of our creative and development process. As Montreal’s leading Heritage House, codes of conduct and methodology are at the heart of our daily creative and design operations. The conservation of our Heritage is our responsibility, always staying true to our story and aesthetic through an empirical approach lead to enforce local craftmanship.