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The Colour of Time

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‘‘I want to create a dress the colour of time,’’ is what Marie Saint Pierre answered to a journalist over 25 years ago. Not the colour of a season, nor the colour of an era, but the colour of the elusive now.

Moss green, gray fog, midnight blue. There is no one right answer. The colour of time pays no mind to established trends and finds its meaning in the eye of the beholder. It is defined by its history, influenced by its daily life, and inspired by its vision of the future. It encapsulates feelings that words cannot express.

The colour of time does not fade, it evolves. It is sometimes fashionable, it sometimes goes against the tide, and it is suited to both. Today, it is meaningful in a manner that was unknown yesterday, and its message will be different tomorrow.

Marie Saint Pierre Designer


Prism dress, multidimensional

Marie Saint Pierre Designer


It hovers around the legs, with the waist as its only anchor.

Marie Saint Pierre Designer


A joining of monochromatic blocks with unfinished, raw edges.

Marie Saint Pierre Fall 2016