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It has the elegance of dry wit, the charm of a sharp play on words, and the aplomb of a reply given tit for tat. Bold, nay slightly cheeky, it flirts with the forbidden and bets on the unexpected. Much like a glass of champagne we sip in the midday sun, like a day off we allow ourselves in the middle of a work week guilt free, Marie Saint Pierre’s Spring 2017 Collection gives the impression of holding a secret.

Rarely have black and white been rendered in so many textures. Amongst the season’s key materials can be found a double layered latticed fabric in which a stream of air has been trapped. When pressed between fingers, it seemingly bounces back. A faux seersucker fused to neoprene is sure to become a highlight of the collection, making it possible to approach the return of warm weather crease-free. Several fabrics act by illusion. Multicoloured stripes, apparently printed, are in fact a complex blending of vertical lines of various depths, creating an unexpected relief to the touch.

This all points to a playful and mischievous femininity. Geometrical frills comprised of a dark rectangle have been affixed to the most streamlined monochromatic styles. As a belt, at the neck, or diagonally, they add a romantic touch to the label’s iconic minimalism. Marie Saint Pierre also dares the inclusion of patterns resembling flowers seen through a kaleidoscope. They pop up on a jacket’s collar, as a bust detail on a dress or on asymmetrical strips at the bottom of a frock, defying norms with a devil-may-care chic. This same spirit, both refined and nonchalant, transpires through a few silvery grey pieces, revealing to those wearing them a decidedly athletic marled lining.

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