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South of Winter

Posted in : Explore on by : AnaÏs Jane Tsang Comments:

"Even after dozens of landings, I never tire of the view from the window when arriving in Miami. It’s a sight synonymous with endless summers, a line of white sand bordered by crystal clear waters that offers a change of scenery while making me feel right at home.

As I exit the air-conditioned airport, I’m engulfed by both a wave of hot, humid air and an intense and invigorating blue light. Quite the thermal shock for someone arriving from the Quebec winter! This blast of scorching tropical heat relaxes the muscles and loosens up the shoulders. Although I’m here for work, the daily pace is simply different. Latin culture, cheerful and laid-back, takes me to another universe.

During my stay, my eyes recharge through the architecture, the outdoors, and the booming art scene. I nourish myself from contrasts and breakthroughs. Nestled in the core of Wynwood, my American flagship store is at the heart of upcoming trends. It isn’t there to follow them, but rather to launch them with all the talents from the neighbourhood.

Hope to see you there to share a moment of escape, south of winter."

- Marie

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