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It’s a color of asserted romanticism that evokes someplace far away. Not in terms of a specific place, but more in the feelings that accompanies this change of scenery : this solace tied to travel, the serenity that comes along once you let go of your bearings. For some, the teint recalls a perfume, a flavor, or the last few sun rays that set on an isolated landscape. It is raspberry, sherbet, rosé.
If this nuance is both staunch and refreshing that suggests vacation, it also has its place daily. In a monochrome version, from head to toe or in contrasting blocks with a chantilly white, fusian black or storm grey. It depicts the light headedness of the one who wears it, all while giving character to the formal. Allure and well being.
So we get wrapped up in it to better dream of the next departure.


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