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Ready to celebrate

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It’s an event dress that provokes the occasion to celebrate, rather than waiting for it. The desire to slip into it is enough to justify the party. It’s a question of looks as much as comfort, because elegance is, above all, a sensation: a state of mind and confidence that translates into style. Distinguished silhouette, ludic asymmetries, technical fabrics. The night will have rhythm and character.
This idea of an effortless chic is epitomized by the “ready-to-wear couture” approach of Maison Marie Saint Pierre Spring 2019 collection. The freehand finish of certain pieces and the know-how mobilized creating drapes and unexpected volumes is a tribute to artisan work. At the meeting point of tact and technology, there is a new definition of luxury combining performance and refinement.
It is often the spontaneity of a party that makes it magical. It begins with a dress and continues late into the night.


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