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Raw Form

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The ball of contradictions. Unlikely duos interlace. What sets them apart is what makes them shine even brighter. One’s sheen compliments the disheveled character of another. The artisanal embraces the technicality. The opaque is manifested through the diaphanous. This season, the fabrics have guts and they do as they please.
Firstly, this bristling mohair with wild edges lets itself be confined underneath a delicate layer of organza. The veil softly wraps the curls of wool fleece to protect the garment’s grace. Untamable, the fabric escapes at the crest of the seams, creating a deliberately raw finish in efforts to portray this organic elegance. The oversized volume of the pieces fosters the desire to get lost in all of its softness. This idea of a quilted coat is amplified, blown to exaggeration, to produce a magnificent cocoon.
Here, fibers and fabrics are instinctively interwoven. There are no rules.


Marie Saint Pierre collection