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Company presentation

After 30 years of tradition and excellence, the House is redefining luxury in its own way, giving it an
experiential value. By continuing to initiate a movement that goes beyond the clothes she creates,
Marie Saint Pierre is inspired by the dualities between the different trends in fashion to shape a brand
with a strong artistic identity. A 360 player in luxury, the vision and values ​​of the Maison integrate an
environmental and ethical conscience through its processes ranging from sourcing, to product
development, including production, and even shipping. The House works with accredited European
partners, thus preserving the environmental impact and limiting the ecological footprint. The pieces
are made on demand avoiding overproduction. Imagined in a workshop where more than 60 people
work, the collections are available in its flagship stores located in Montreal, Miami, online and in more
than 70 points of sale specializing in luxury ready-to-wear in America.

Job description

The main task of the incumbent is to carry out the shaping of made-up textile articles, in order to give them their finished appearance, either manually or using a special machine.

Responsibilities and tasks

-Ensures the ironing of fabrics and / or clothes;
-Fold clothes according to customer requirements;
-Handles manual ironing tools and / or special machines (press, mannequin ironing, steam, ironing).
-Ensures the cleaning of the workstation;
-Ensures the good maintenance of the machines;
-Other related tasks.


-Quality finishes;
-Sustained pace of work;
-Knowledge of the particularities of fabrics;
-Maintaining the cleanliness of the workstation;
-Respect of the planned deadlines;
-Achievement of operational objectives set according to priorities.

Qualifications required

-At least 1 year of relevant experience;
-Knowledge of the clothing industry luxury (asset);
-Basic knowledge of raw materials and textures.

Work requirements

-Good dexterity and precision;
-Attention to detail;
-Good physical condition;
-Work in a safe manner;
-Knowledge of the French language.


Management dimension:

Knowing how to plan and coordinate one's work.

Content dimension: 

Operational and maintenance knowledge of the various pressing machines.

Behavioral dimension

-Orientation towards quality finishing;
-Concern for a job well done;
-Quiet during peak periods;
-Honesty, loyalty and integrity;

Annex :

The skills profile indicates what must be mastered, both in terms of interpersonal skills and know-how, in order to be efficient. In addition, the profile takes into account the business objectives that a unit sets for itself and modifies according to changing needs. It is therefore through these strategic and dynamic aspects that the competency profile differs from the job description.

The competency profile is a reference tool that lists the skills, behaviors and qualifications necessary to achieve the expected results in a position.

Competencies: is a combination of knowledge, skills, aptitudes and attitudes (knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills) which results in the behaviors observed in the best performing employees, taking into account the nature of their jobs and the particular challenges they face. 

The competency profile includes a stable part of competencies (competences related to the role and tasks) and dynamic (targets competences related to business issues. These are those which make a significant contribution to the success of the unit or the organization. company, taking into account the stakes. They help to achieve short or medium term strategic objectives).

The precise definition of the concept of dynamic competence is the subject of debate, but the characteristic common to all the definitions is to focus here on the development of higher-level competences (management and strategy) to cope with the rapid changes in the workplace. environment, for example:

-the capacity to generate new knowledge;
-the ability to establish partnerships;
-the ability to stop practices that have become obsolete;
-the ability to develop new products;
-the ability to recognize a business opportunity with a client ...

Behavior: a way of acting that proves that the person concerned possesses and uses this skill. Ex .: collaborates with others.

Qualification: is a know-how which is the object of a more or less official and objective recognition. Diploma, certificate, etc.

Please, send your CV to à : cornelius@mariesaintpierre.com