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New Wave

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It’s a movement inspired the that of the waves. Asymmetrical gathers that overlap and are ready to surge. They splash with grace even the most minimalist clothes to better ruffle the ridges. They spread on the edge of the shoulder, the rounding of a collar and the bottom with a hemline. The effect is both refined and spectacular, like a feat of nature.
The materials multiply at the same rate as rows of frills. Honeycomb fabric, organza and scuba alternate in varying lengths. Each fabric has a unique character, a specific way to soar into space and to remain suspended. Their meeting gives relief to the painting, depth to the swell. Details are purposely exaggerated, suggesting a new balance.
There is no need for a pretext to wear it. The waves don’t wait for a special occasion to dazzle. They are the ones to create the event.


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