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Mirror Mirror

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This is not a jacket. It’s a mirror you envelop yourself in. As with any surrealist work, its character has been subverted. The reflection is emboldened by a unique identity.

This is not a fabric. It’s an everyday body armour, a shell as flexible as one of Dali’s pocket watches. And yet, all stays in place. Faced with the incessant pace of life’s many journeys, the fluidity of the material ensures the best protection.

This is not a seam. It’s a beam of light. At the juncture of two fabrics, the colour contrast creates the illusion of a rift on an underside. Shine masks utility, structure becomes adornment.

Challenging the stagnating perception of function, exploring uncharted perspectives, freeing the garment from the burden of what is expected.

This is not a new collection, it’s a new paradigm.

Marie Saint Pierre collection