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Marie Saint Pierre has been at the realm of her fashion label for over 32 years, crafting moulding and perfecting her creative process, whilst continuously building an infrastructure to house it all. From creating new textiles to pushing the boundaries of volume, composition and technique, she has always been a strong believer in craftsmanship and quality over trend. Education and sharing of knowledge and expertise is at the base of her values, as she quietly moulds the future talents of our industry. Merging art and commerce, a Marie Saint Pierre piece is a testament to the notion of time, transcending seasonality and becoming staples of confidence and poise.

We discussed with Marie herself and touched base on everything from design, creativity and innovation.

How does your creative process manifest itself in your work?
Being at the head of a Fashion House is about merging creativity, innovation and business. I have learned from a very young age, having always been immersed in a creative and entrepreneurial environment, to observe things from different angles. It’s by changing your perspective that we allow our creative process to begin, forcing your mind to develop the agility to navigate between micro to macro visions.

From a fashion standpoint, you have managed to create a signature aesthetic, unique to your House. How do you manage to always keep your artistic vision relevant season after season?
Being a fashion designer means to be in a constant and fast-paced creative process. With over 8 collections a year, we are continually forced to innovate and re-create. As design cycles have accelerated considerably over the years, a collection is about not only redefining elements that are emblematic to the DNA of the brand, but also contributing to the vision of the future. The hardest part is to keep innovating while always remaining true and pertinent to your client and to your brand and heritage.

What’s your take on innovation and its influence on your design process?
Innovation has always been at the heart of creativity. Over the years, I have developed new fabrics and modified sewing techniques, re-engineering how a garment is sewn. I see these innovations as a way to elevate the overall luxury experience. I see innovation as a mean to enhance functionality and comfort, but also a means to add wellbeing and value to our product.