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Our point of departure is a mythical and exotic fantasy land, where a faraway culture’s symbols have been exposed to an impressionist gaze. We see the reflection of a mesmerizing scene, at times hazy, at times intensified. Oriental and European influences intertwine in an autonomous artistic movement that transforms perceptions into new realities. From this cascade of inspirations comes Maison Marie Saint Pierre’s Studio 2018 collection.
Evoking both the grace of the fan and the finesse of origami, folds are abundant. They ripple asymmetrically along hems, fasten behind like an oversized kimono bow, transfigure into a diaphanous sculpture seated on the shoulder like a gigantic bird. Hand-trimmed feathers bristling on the back of jackets impart this poetry with a martial air.

Dresses have the place of honour. Long and translucent, they radiate a bohemian yet stylish French-Japanese chic. Wide flouncy sleeves and romantic necklines conjure the esthetics of the Victorian era. Smart A-line dresses with bold ornamentation add a vivacious and festive touch. Even the most tailored coats and jackets end in a trompe-l’œil skirt to create the illusion of a dress. These unique silhouettes, like calligraphy lines in space, are rendered possible by the technical properties of the material.
High-performance textiles, the signature of Maison Marie Saint Pierre, are combined with rare and precious fabrics. Neoprene meets the embroidered tulle of a prestigious Parisian shop. Athletic jersey is alloyed with bronze lamé, its sheen shifting according to the angle of the cut. Stretch silk vies with the transparency of thermal pleated organza. And then there is beaded white lace, a timeless luxury. Their properties combine and complete each other to produce outfits that are synonymous with both elegance and well-being.
The season’s theme is reflected in the collection’s exclusive botanical print. It calls to mind blossoming cherry trees, yet the indistinct brush strokes suggest their reflection on the water’s surface. This motif contrasts with ebony black and Chantilly white, occasionally slipping under a veil as if fading into the mist. The floral effect is emphasized by the presence of a petal beige, nearly peach, and a few radiant notes of neon pink and acid yellow.