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For over 30 years now, sustainability has been at the center of all decision making at Maison Marie Saint Pierre. It has played and continues to play a major role in sourcing, development and production.

As sustainability is on every brands agenda, very few have a clear path of actions on this matter. Those who have implemented direct actions on multiple levels don’t really have a voice in the market today. Partly because it is a complex subject that adresses a whole chain of commands. Sustainability is often used for marketing purposes and is implemented only when visible to the consumer. It is a complex subject and many actions on every level of the decision making scheme have to be put in place. It is a very costly process, as it is adds to the many existing steps of the development and production process. When discussing local production, many factors come into play. Few designers have taken this route because of the costs involved and more importantly, the lack of local infrastructure and human ressources available.

"For us, entering the luxury market meant to follow important steps towards honoring one of the most important factors in sustainability as a whole; quality. Local production has allowed me to push values of excellence, innovation and heightened quality control. Seeing as overseas production chains require oftentimes larger quantities of goods to produce to stay profitable, they reenforce a rapid discount momentum and system in the retail space, leading to the eventual destruction of goods in the luxury market’s overstock."

However, embarking on the local production business model is a journey that is far from seamless; from finding and training seamstresses, to sourcing small manufacturing plants and investing in equipment and technology, it is a constant challenge.

"It takes time, money and patience, It requires lots of ingenuity to administrate local production but producing luxury goods, right here in Canada, most prominently in Montreal, is part of our legacy. This proximity allowed us to push any existing boundaries and experiment on both the materials chosen and our sewing techniques, redefining the art of seaming and bringing to life sculptural works of art, produced entirely in Canada."

Today, The House proudly has its very own production facility, employing over 30 talents, most of whom are women, who together produce around 65% of all our production, as we still work with local producers and manufacturers, in the hopes of enlarging our community as a collective force. We want to nurture a renewed pride in local craftsmanship, and support our economy and heritage.

Through the COVID-19 pandemic, many have realized that local production is maybe more of an advantage than a liability, and we couldn’t agree more. Having the plateforme we have built over the years, we knew it was time to take action and lend a helping hand to our local health organizations. Since the beginning stages of this pandemic, Maison Marie Saint Pierre has dedicated part of its work force to help in the production of personal protective equipment such as masks and medical protective gear for those who are on the frontlines of this crisis.

In the following weeks, we will continue to share more about our vision of sustainability and how it is at the center of all our decisions and processes.