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Know-how: textile research and inspiration

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We have over the past 30 years, developed a relationship with the best fabric makers in the world. We are working together to develop better textiles that are not only technical, eco-friendly and easy care but also made to last and provide extra comfort for the wearer. Fabric research and development are for every season the starting point of the collections and this is done almost twelve months ahead of the deliveries. As a precursor in the use of technical fabric for ready-to-wear, some of the best European mills rely on our expertise to develop better fabrics for the luxury segment.

“Going back 25 years, I had to go to activewear mills to find the technicity that I needed for my designs. This is where I started to be influenced by the activewear segment to develop my collections. Movement, comfort and wellbeing became key factors in my designs. Nature is the other main source of inspiration in my creative process. Nature provides inspiration for volumes, colors and textures”. A strong pillar of strength of any Fashion House can be perceived through the level of innovation and creativity they put forward into the market. Through weeks and months of development, the team continuously invests in pushing the boundaries, continuously remodeling and reimagining what a luxury garment stands for.

“Our job as a team is to create imagery that fits the brief that Marie shares with us and compose a mood board that the whole team can refer to, keeping in mind the visual codes and vocabulary around the collection. It definitely involves pushing the creative process while remaining pertinent to the brand’s mission and values “The development team