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Know-how: mockup & finishing

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We believe that when you feel good, you do good. Keeping this mantra in mind, we dedicate the same amount of time and energy to the outer than we do to the inner appeal of our designs. “The layer that touches your skin, the part that is experienced only by you, the wearer, is what provides the true experience and understanding of our brand.”

Under the artistic direction of Marie, at the beginning of each collection, the development team along with the House’s sample makers and pattern makers work on extensive testing and mock-ups of finishings and detailing in order to push the boundaries of our fabric’s technicality and enhance the function and strength of our products. While the goal remains to create unique and innovative pieces, the notion of wellbeing, longevity through quality and originality is also at the center of the development process. The goal, enlightened through a series of tests such as sewing technics, choice of thread tension and size, usage of reinforcing tapes, is to make sure that our designs truly become our client’s daily armor, helping them to conquer their days. We use an empirical approach to test the limits of every aspect of our products. From fabric bonding to finishing tests, from shrinkage ratios to detailed studies, nothing is left to the unknown, from the inside out. These mock-ups are the foundation of our development journey, as we embark on the next steps of the creative process.

“This detailed and documented step-by-step approach, where one idea leads to the next through innovative craftsmanship, allows us to continue to build a strong heritage for the House.” - The design team.

Through the years, the House’s mission has always been to promote local craftsmanship and artistry through the design and production of experiential luxury collections produced locally. This series’ sole purpose is to shine light on the methods and teams that contributes every day to its success.