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Just the beginning

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They stand out at first glance, but can be appreciated even with your eyes closed. As the creation’s raw materials,  the textiles express themselves mainly through touch to feel the reliefs, the weight, the softness. The gaze selects, then the hands decide. They search for fabrics to sculpt, drape, breath in a movement. This one is made to float, that one to embrace. Even the patterns and transparency can be guessed blindly, with the tip of your fingers.
Thus, the color contrasts are multiplied by those of the textures. One garment, multiple fabrics. And each has a particular function of adjustment, styling, ease and look. Nothing is left to chance in the composition of a piece signed Maison Marie Saint Pierre. It’s a complexity often camouflaged underneath minimalistic lines, like a feat that seems natural thanks to the smile of the one that executes it.
Appearance is just the beginning. Sensation is what makes the clothes.


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