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Intellectual Romanticism

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Translating feelings into textures, lines, cuts, and colours - what a romantic approach to the garment. In the same way that literature, music, and painting do, fashion can explore all states of mind through the prism of creation.

Marie Saint Pierre believes that it is equally as powerful to express one’s sensibility as it is to project one’s strength. The result is all softness and lightness. There is a tenderness in the materials and volumes to both the eye and the touch, rendered possible by unique textiles combining aesthetics and performance, naturalness and technique.

Sense or sensibility? Marie Saint Pierre artfully pairs one with the other rather than isolating them. Behind every style, however outlandish or simple it may be, lies a perfect mastery of technique, not unlike the way a ballerina’s smile renders invisible all the effort behind her arabesque. Thus, the most beautiful dresses will also be comfortable and the most gorgeous suiting practical.

This uncompromising approach to the garment is a promise of freedom for the woman wearing it. More than an armour, it is a pair of wings that invites travels, getaways, and total escapism, recurring themes to the great thinkers of nineteenth century’s Intellectual Romanticism movement. There is nothing nostalgic to Marie Saint Pierre’s approach, on the contrary. She proposes to embrace the present and manifest the future, paying no mind to rules and boundaries of the past.

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