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We know you're always curious and wondering how things are really done and why every step we take is linked to our pursuit of quality and well-being.

One of the most critical moments for a collection is the industrialization process allowing the standardization of all the measurements and proportions of each sample developed on live models during the fitting sessions.

This process also validates the effectiveness of the design in terms of finishes (especially when using raw edge treatments), construction and seam tolerances.

Industrialization takes place at the end of the sales season, after trade fairs, showroom sales, photoshoots and exhibitions, since these events accelerate the wear and tear of prototypes. This gives us a realistic estimate of the strengths and weaknesses of the entire collection.

More importantly, at this stage all teams are involved in order to share their knowledge; sales, production, development and design. It is therefore the perfect opportunity to improve everything that will benefit our customers in terms of care, comfort and durability.

The mission of the entire team is to provide the best possible experience, while continuing to take risks and inspire.