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In her element

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A paradox: the feeling of the polar air or tropical wind, being at work or on holiday, an occasion calling for simplicity or extravagance, Maison Marie Saint Pierre defines luxury through modernity and comfort. 

To have the sense of owning a moment, despite it being unexpectedly thrown your way. To be in your element, regardless of place or context. A thought illustrated in the Cruise 2018 collection, composed of versatile hybrid pieces,  where the spectacular meets the technical, both in fabric and style.  

Stretch cuffs appear on evening gowns. Athletic hems outline the most formal creations. Oversized cocoon volumes enhance movement, all while highlighting the silhouette. In the collection, hidden pockets are at your fingertipsinviting an effortless nonchalance.

Elegance or performance? Challenge or leisure? All aspects. Without compromise.