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I Packed my Bag…

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To travel light, both literally and figuratively. To free yourself from space contraints and the weight of excess baggage. That is the invitation Marie Saint Pierre extends to you through her creations.

A single checked baggage allowed? Unnecessary, as we will be quite content with a carry-one. Simply pack a few versatile pieces to create a wide range of outfits, whether attending formal meetings, enjoying glamorous nights out, or heading out in search of adventure.

Tailored in materials both noble and technical, Marie Saint Pierre’s 2016 Cruise collection is designed to come out of your suitcase looking fresh off the hanger. Shapes recover their volumes and draping bounces back with fluidity.

Thumb your nose at airlines weight restrictions, as even the most enveloping coat is surprisingly featherlight .

Leave the lines behind, turn the unexpected into opportunities, and travel with peace of mind.






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