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High Contrast

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White - not for lack of colour. Saturation of the light, like in a high contrast photograph where brilliance blurs the edges. Alone or paired with another shade, standing alone without preconceptions. Light, yes. Pure, perhaps. Claiming the right to take action, to strength and seduction. Lending itself to an invitation to the table of decision makers and to the most enchanting soirées. 

White is decontextualized in Maison Marie Saint Pierre’s Fall 2018 collection. Its minimalist character is not naive. On the contrary, white envelops silhouettes dramatically and lends itself well to looks with thought out, blunt lines. It appears in the form of technical fabrics: fine scuba and a new sponge fabric floating seamlessly. Surprising volumes are amplified by the white’s striking quality. 

This season, we have carte blanche to wear white! 


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