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Head in the clouds

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Volume 1: Mythical
Chapter 3: Head in the clouds

Summer skies, smooth seas, swoon-worthy eyes. Light blue is a favorite of authors to depict an idyllic landscape or a near-perfect image. It is synonymous with purity, levity, and grace; it invites itself in chapters that stir the imagination. 

The sheer mention of this powder blue or watercolor tone suffices to create a serene atmosphere. A reflection of the story’s beauty, it is a luminous hue that succeeds in making us believe summer is here to stay. 

Its softness heightened by its opposite. Knowing it may simply be the calm before the storm makes us want to dive headfirst into this magnificent shade of blue. It is a truce— clouds can return, heavy seas can rage. 

The picture will be no less spectacular, for drama has its own aesthetic value. It is precisely because it conceals such unsuspected strength that we find light blue so fascinating. 

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