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Maison Marie Saint Pierre garments are designed to be inhabited. Inhabited by the strength of the woman wearing them. Inhabited by their personality, giving them depth. Inhabited by the very movements they make as she moves, giving them life.

These dresses, tunics, and jackets are made to delight the senses of the women who don them, before seducing the gaze of others. ‘‘I like that the person wearing them has an edge over the person looking in,’’ Marie explains. ‘‘Yes, the facade has to be beautiful, but the interior has to be inviting, comfortable, and reassuring. It must feel like home and we must feel like ourselves.’’

Akin to strong foundations, these garments are meant to support the projects of the women they dress. They withstand time, in terms of style and quality, to accompany these women throughout their story. The Marie Saint Pierre garments promise to harbour the desires of the women slipping them on, whether they wish to be enveloped or be revealed.


Marie Saint Pierre Dress