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    Literary works
    that make us travel!

Literary works
that make us travel!

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Inspired by moments of relaxation and escapades of thought, Marie Saint Pierre encourages you to discover the authors who have marked her journey through constant creative inspiration.

Irving Stone / American author, is recognized for his spellbinding fictional biographies on the great masters of Art and psychology. These works have inspired the Maison's creations by the complexity of the lines and the abstract prints.

Milan Kundera / Czech writer naturalized French, is an author recognized for his descriptive and analytical writing of human emotions. This undisputed talent inspired Marie in her personal and professional journey.

Gabrielle Roy / Franco-Manitoban novelist, is one of the important pillars of literature in Canadian history. Her works reflect a cultural heritage that inspired the Francophile Quebec to be proud of its history.

Réjean Ducharme / Quebec writer, playwright, screenwriter, lyricist and sculptor, is one of the multi-talented artists who have left their mark on the local culture. Being our designer's favorite artist for several years, his dynamic and unique writing inspires Marie in her creative freedom that we find within our Atelier collections.

Kim Thuy / a Quebec writer of Vietnamese origin, is recognized for her works inspired by her journey, from her native country to Quebec. She is a constant inspiration for Marie through her harmonious writing and her femininity.

Douglas Coupland / a Canadian writer of German origin, is known for his crude analyzes of our current society and its associated behaviours. Thanks to his non-romantic pen, this artist inspires Marie to go beyond the norm and to abolish creative limitations.