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Gender Neutral

Posted in : Explorer on by : Maison Marie Saint Pierre Comments:

It is one-of-a-kind. A conjugation of the here and now without limits. There is no “Marie Saint Pierre” stereotypical profile to whom this collection is exclusively targeted to. It is up to those who join the movement to define it.

The unknown is magnetic. What we do not know about another is what intrigues us. When we first meet, everything is a puzzle to solve, an enigma that must be decoded before we can go further. It is a suggestion, an implication, a veil through which we think we glimpse something. What a pleasure to maintain part of this mystery!

What time is it? Who cares. The clock will not be dictating when it is our moment to shine. Why would you want to live something already written by others? The most beautiful stories rarely remind us of something we have read elsewhere. They are those that surprise us and take our breath away.

Woven with contrasts, sewn with contradictions... Here, opposites complement to create a new balance. Angles meet curves to trace silhouettes that are sometimes fluid, sometimes geometric. Feminine borrows from masculine and vice versa, following an aesthetic approach that is as practical as it is chic. The work flirts with minimalism. The avant-garde is built on the classics. The inside becomes the outside.

This chessboard and its many contradictions are a playground. These deliberate tensions drive creativity. Opaque matched with transparent, black paired with white. The contrasts are in the volumes, textures and colours. Each part’s beauty is accentuated by its antithesis.











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