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Fitting and creative session

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Although fitting sessions are an expression of our creativity and our vision of the future (as they happen a year ahead of the release of the collection), it remains a very precise exercise where creativity meets commerce, sustainability, and feasibility.

Designing on live models to integrate the notions of movement and fluidity, where every step is visually documented in order for the development team to understand how the piece will be reconstructed by the patter maker and then assembled by the team of sample makers. The volumes and details are done by pinning and cutting on a live human being. The team of sales is also involved at some point to make sure that the data compiled on preferred styles, fits and fabrics is also integrated into the development as it is important for our clientele to recognize shapes and volumes that suits their lifestyle.

As our industry faces a total reset, developing new products demands a new approach and COVID forces us to operate very differently. Less style, less collections, no live model sessions, smaller teams, daily stress to deal with urgent issues has left this important activity to redefine itself and most importantly to change its calendar.

“As much as fitting on live models has always been the moment of my job that makes happiest, it has also been a source of intense stress and anxiety. Working in an ecosystem that requires 6 to 8 collections per year, I always wonder how long I could sustain that pace and secretly hoped for a slowdown. But how abruptly I was forced into adapting while still bringing clothes that inspire, protect and remain timeless is truly challenging”.