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A moment in time

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Defying gravity, it is the object of a surrealist painting. A dress outlining the silhouette while barely there, floating in equilibrium, and grounded in its weight. Its edges, drawn in angles of opacity and transparency, are cut out from the canvas with precise sharpness, yet a blur suggests mouvement. 
This floating illusion, a question raised by the garment, becomes an accessory in itself. The effect of a trompe-l’oeuil: enveloping ourselves in mystery. The interrogation gains an aesthetic value. The elusive is magnetic. 
The effect is more than visual. It is a sensation and state of mind. Freed from the burden of what is taken for granted, Maison Marie Saint Pierre’s Cruise 2018 collection conjures up a sense of freedom. Perhaps the one that inhibits us while travelling and when our references fade away to reveal new perspectives. 

Marie Saint Pierre collection