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Volume 1: Mythical
Chapter 2: Earthenware

It is a pattern inspired by the Mediterranean, a fabric embellished with a earthenware-like motif that recalls lands where summer is unrelenting. There, facades of building stand like open air museums for all to delight in. Vast mosaics of porcelaine hand-painted in shades of blue and white feature nature and its gods, telling stories of a distant mythology. 

Frieze, panelling, murals, and arches appear as coy winks in the landscapes of picturesque towns or stretch over entire walls, blurring the lines between art and architecture. 

Marie Saint Pierre adds a third dimension to such dichotomy, that of fashion. Marie draws inspiration from the symbolism of these glazed ceramics to embellish her garments. Collars, hems, lining, and yokes; references range from subtle to more daring. Indeed, a number of pieces have been cut entirely from this fabric with neo-classical accents.

The result radiates with effective poetry and pared down beauty. 

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