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Dunes and Mirages

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The inspiration is a sea of sand with suspended waves. A desert with an immobile swell, molded by the wind. It rounds its back and then arches. Domed lines spread far out of sight in undisciplined waves. The show is filtered and yet spectacular. The contrast are but shadows and light. We want to wrap ourselves in the softness of the landscape, curl up in the warmth of its dunes and mirages.
The Maison Marie Saint Pierre Cruise 2019 collection is their echo. The result is a selection of pieces in a gentle beige, that is anything but neutral. Its richness evokes an exoticism of which postal cards have never truly been able to capture its colors. The blown sleeves of the dresses and jackets, their rounded angles and arched seems give grace to silhouettes. There is movement in the very idea of the garment. Thought of both for well-being and elegance, it is the ally of travel and scenery changes.
So we slip into it, whether it is to leave or to stay. In either case, we’ll be elsewhere.


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