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When the dress leads the ball

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It has the look of great premiere nights and the audacity of impromptu parties. Its lines are studied and its spirit spontaneous. It wants everything, without compromise: decorum and magic. The established codes of elegance are but the first steps to the dance. They set the tone, but it’s the dress that sets the pace. The night awaits it to open the ball.

A swirl of feathers, a jumble of fabrics in disordered colors. The details of the outfts attract the eye like a beam of light in the darkness. Unexpected materials intertwine and overlap: softness and plastic, lamé and elastic. Their wrought, handcrafted character defies the minimalism or silhouettes. Fashioned in fabrics both noble and technical, they’re of a dark and yet light beauty.

It’s a dress with no tomorrow. If it flees at the strike of midnight, the party will follow.