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A surrealist tableau. Positioned at the start of a journey whose final destination is still unknown, where day and night run simultaneously. The silhouettes, rather than shadows cast upon the landscape, are open windows to an unknown universe. Garments no longer answer to rules or contexts. Fabrics have strayed from their original functions. Volumes defy gravity. With striking trompe l’oeil effects, incongruous juxtapositions, and free associations of opposites, Maison Marie Saint Pierre’s 2018 Cruise Collection breaks free from boundaries. It is an enigma between heaven and earth, shrouded in the art of mystery. Is it a dress, a tunic, a shirt? Within this collection there is a divide between the preconceived idea we have of a piece and of its’ representation. Informal or Formal? For leisure or celebration? Marie Saint Pierre deconstructs our relationship with well-being and formality, to offer multipurpose hybrid pieces.

* Translation: THIS IS NOT A DRESS – Reference to Magritte’s painting

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Photography by Nat Gorry