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Behold this wild yet bewitching scent of velvet leather melting on the skin, wafting through a low-hanging mist of freshly cut cedar and birch bark. A delicate bouquet of white flowers, steeped in musk - glorious musk - to deliver a pure aphrodisiac scent.

«Marie Saint Pierre C feels like Mme El Koubi chose to use as her focal point a white musk of very fine quality because it is present throughout the development of C and it is what she chooses to pair with it that makes C a memorable fragrance. The heart brings iris into the picture and it is here where C begins to change character from sparkling ingénue to sultry seductress. The musk and the iris together create a sensual pair, which are quite intriguing. The sensuality is enhanced with a soft suede-like leather and clean cedar in the base. The leather is an inspired choice to go with the musk as it adds a softly animalic finish to C.»


–Mark Behnke


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