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Bon voyage!

Posted in : Explore on by : Maison Marie Saint Pierre Comments:

As the saying goes, travel shapes youth. But is not travel more akin to a faculty of continuing studies without borders, a distance advanced learning department?

Regardless of the age at which we choose to enjoy a change of scenery, we always take away something from the exercice. Whether we opt for a great adventure or quick getaway, we learn about ourselves, about others, and about the world.

No learning by heart. It’s a school without exams, where we assimilate through experience and encounters. On the curriculum: history, sociology, anthropology, languages, arts, even sports if it strikes your fancy! All courses are optional, only the unexpected is mandatory.

This institution doesn’t have a uniform, but it is strongly recommended to choose versatile garments that will allow to go from the plane to the theatre, from the museum to the patio, and from the seaside to the desert. That is what Maison Marie Saint Pierre.

High technicality and lightness that give freedom to travel.

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