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Roses d’automne

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Volume 2: Intemporality
Chapter 1: Autumn's roses

The summer is slipping away and warm days are few and far between. Already, darkness is taking back the evenings; we linger outside in spite of the shivers it causes. We know all too well that these summer nights are numbered.  

It is impossible to delay the moment when the temperature drops and layers of clothes have to be piled on. How can we prolong the lightness of being  proper to warm weather? 

Dreariness must be faced with colour, choosing chromatic anachronisms to counter the dark months ahead. Akin to trees whose leaves will soon be sublimated by fiery hues, we opt for shades guaranteed to chase the cold away. Why not rose sorbet?! In addition to brightening us up, it will be a refreshing sight for sore eyes.

Dressed in soft colours cut in enveloping materials, we tell ourselves that fall can arrive. We’ll be the ones to take it by surprise. 

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