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Know-how: Curated guide of inspiring artists

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Maison Marie Saint Pierre has always been a supporter of the arts and the artists of our different communities. Inspired by their stories, their various mediums, their specific visions and their diverse messages, Marie would like to take this opportunity to share their work with you. Welcome to the House's curated guide of inspiring artists.

Adrian Avila / Muralist based in Miami. He is now one of the more prolific, better-known painters in Miami’s art district/ discover more >

Georgia Dickie / Sculptor based in Toronto, whose work addresses the complexities of contemporary object-based practice./ discover more >

Jenny Perez / Culturally-influenced visual artist based in Miami, whose work plays a key part in the street art movement of Wynwood's neighborhood./ discover more >

Madeleine Gross / Artist based in Toronto, who seeks to explore how the abstract interacts with the everyday in her colorful, imaginative artworks./ discover more >

Maria Tokareva / Artist based in Miami, whose mission is to instigate curiosity for the What IF and to act upon it./ discover more >

Miss me / Activist artist based in Montreal, passionately advocating for women as role models and pivotal members of their communities./ discover more >

Renata Morales / Multidisciplinary artist based in Montreal & Mexico city./ discover more >

Sandra Brewster / Visual artist based in Toronto, whose work has been recognized for her community-based practice that centres a Black presence located in Canada. / discover more >

Steaky Peaches / Contemporary artist based in Montreal, with a style rooted in a spirit of reusing and recycling./ discover more >

Viktoria Modesta / Bionic pop artist based in L.A., whose work bridges music, body art and sculptural tech-fashion. / discover more >

Dominique Paul / Multidisciplinary artist based in Montreal & New York, whose practice addresses social and environmental issues through performance with interactive wearables and collages./ discover more >