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Applied Arts

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There is no need for printed slogans for a garment to convey a message. Textures, shapes, and colours can speak louder than words. Prolongation of our bodies and our thoughts, extension of the senses, the garment communicates a great deal of information on the person who created it and the person who wears it.

The artistic process behind the design, the materials used, the skills displayed… Nothing of this is silent. Quite the contrary. Technological developments, social movements, economic climates, cultural events, and artistic currents are reflected in fashion and trends. The first pants worn by women didn’t bear the word ‘revolution’, and yet the signal could not have been any more powerful.

Certain outfits express themselves with more eloquence than others. These do not shout their rhetoric, but rather articulate it with coherence and subtlety. After all, for a garment to speak to us, it must initiate a conversation.



Jersey cocktail dress embelished with 3D decorative shoulder appliqués.



Fine scuba one-shoulder dress with decorative foil appliqués.