High Contrast Autumn 2018
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Accessories that multiply the garment. One plus one suddenly becomes something well beyond our imagination. A belt increases silhouette options tenfold. A necklace gives a dress another reason to dazzle. Versatility is in the details, and Marie Saint Pierre leaves nothing to chance. 

The pieces themselves are transformable and interchangeable. This season, an evening clutch can be worn at the waist or held by the hand. An oversized bow is inserted in a necklace or added like a brooch to any garment. Belts, cut in a fine scuba are adjustable without closure to tie along the body at any desired height. Here and there, metallic notes make light bounce just like jewellery would. Later, a scrunchie reminds us a playful touch can also be chic.  

The accessory does not act alone. It is the accent of a strong signature. 



Marie Saint Pierre collection