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A New Function

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Keeping only a few references from the classic suit. The lapel’s structure, the elongated lines of the pencil skirt. Liberating ourselves from the rigidity of the uniform and of any standards for success. Flexibility is the new authority. Wellness is the new priority. An air of lightness allows us to reach higher. And what if our creativity is what brought us to the highest of heights? Why not make it our signature?

Marie Saint Pierre reinterprets formaility to remove the weight of tradition. Femininity is assumed with oversized bows and touches of organza. Masculine inspirations defy norms by suggesting silhouettes as impeccable as they are casual. The idea of the suit flirts with that of the dress, blurring the lines between office and evening attire. Technical fabrics are invited in professional wardrobes and follow the pace of those who never have the time. 

Elsewhere. Far from any constraints. Where everything demands to be redefined.  



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