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9 to 9

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Time, an experience, an emotion. Our era is one of intangible luxury to which material only serves as support, sometimes going so far as to disappear. We choose handmade for the story as well as for the result, the fabric for its sensation as well as to create sensation, the silhouette for what it envelops as well as for what it reveals. What we wear, from morning to night, must reflect what we think and what we are. Profoundly. 

In the Atelier 2019 collection, this idea is embodied by a selection of timeless, high-end pieces, effortlessly slipped on. Why confine to rare events what is best? The expertise of craftsmen, the subtlety of the fabrics and the creativity of the design are at the service of everyday life, from 9 to 9. Nighttime no longer has the exclusivity over the unexpected volumes, harsh contrasts and oversized details, anymore. The spectacular is natural, with detachment. 

The garment is a discourse that can be read in every stitch, but particularly in between the lines.